JSR Training

8-Hour Ticket Class
This course is for the individual who is attending:

Normally ordered by the courts as part of a sentencing judgment, this course is for the individual who has:
·Received multiple traffic citations
·Received mandatory or serious traffic violations
·Been involved in numerous collisions

How Our Training Works
Our program is very simple. It is designed to accommodate the expert and the novice Internet user. You may log onto our web site, “Register” and enroll on-line. Or, you may call us and register in just minutes on the telephone and begin immediately!

When you register, you choose your own password and username to gain immediate access to the program.

Taking the Course
The course is divided into eighteen modules. At the end of each module, there are simple review questions. Once you read through the materials and answer and submit the review questions, you will then answer and submit the final exam. The computer will grade the tests for you and you will know immediately if you have passed.

Upon successful completion, you will be able to print your certificate of course completion immediately. The cost includes the entire program and the certificate — NO HIDDEN FEES. If you do not pass, you will be able to retake our program immediately at no additional charge.

We created our program to be as convenient as possible for the student. It is designed as a eight (8) hour program, but you work at your own pace. You may complete the program in one sitting or use your username and password as many times and complete the reading in increments of time, according to your own schedule. The goal is for you to comprehend and absorb the material.

Be sure to complete your course before your due date with the courts. If you don’t have a printer and you need your certificate rushed, a “rush fee” may apply.

Attendance of this course has many benefits. Traffic citations received usually will have points attached to them. The conviction typically appears on the record, as will the points. Upon successful completion of our course, points will be removed from your driving record.

Your employer may also want you to complete our program to refresh your driving habits and knowledge. At any time, you may take our course as a volunteer or if you’ve been ordered by a judge.